Magic philtres and powders

Men have always used philters and potions. The reasons were and are diverses. In the first ages of humanity, what mattered was the survival of the species. Have a potion or a philter to be helped by the gods, to bring the necessary game for the clan’s survival. During the wars, the warriors were trying to go invincible with these potions, or buy a courage that can tame their fear of death. .
We have one of our comic strip hero, our famous Asterix and Obelix who use and abuse of them.
In the field of seduction mages and wizards, have developed many recipes charm the coveted person. There are in old books many writings, which testify this. Finally, whatever the area discussed, men with more or less success, tried to satisfy their desires, thanks to these magical elixirs.
The oral and written tradition, make us receive some of these secrets. Either the state or improved by the Mages who had keep the secret through the centuries. What we need to know is, contrary to a preconceived idea of the general public is that it is true that some mystical knowledges have been lost through the centuries (among other things, the destruction of the Library of Alexandria), in a other side a lot of knowledges, have been improved over time, through the evolution of human knowledge, the spiritual and cultural exchange which is done thanks to the travel through these mages. We well know that new knowledge is made in our time, which explains why the occult is back in force in our daily life. And in all fields, whether political, commercial, industrial and so on. Thus demonstrating the power of modern magic.
Today Master Jason makes available some of these secrets that can bring improvement in your daily life (professional, social, emotional, etc...).

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The philter of success
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