Jason the only White marabout in Africa !

A paradox in the world of clairvoyance

A little resume of Master Jason.......

He’s one of the rare white initiated to the rite Voodoo of Benin and West-Indian. He obtained Nostradamus of gold 1992 & 1993 at the Festival of clairvoyance in Paris. His gift of birth as his esoteric knowledge make him one of the best clairvoyant. Astrologer at the Radio « Nostalgie Dakar », Jason is also very knowning for his meetings of preachings on live on « Dakar radio FM » Like on the municipal radio of Dakar. He took part to the documentary ones televised treating preaching and magic in Africa which were diffused on the RTS (television of state of Senegal) like on RDV. During his trips, Master Jason accumulated as well knowledge as he is regarded as the man of the last recourse.

Jason Master in detail....... Maître Jason is a magus, to return a little more in detail this term of Master given by his pars includes a capacity of clairvoyance and the knowledge of a high ritual magic. Jason was born September 18th, 1951 in Oran (Algeria). his origin is Spanish, coming from the line of the Marquis d’ Aguilar of Valencia to Spain, and French nationality. His gift of preaching is a gift of birth, since in his family much of the members have capacities had on several generations. By reading his Business card you’ll discover and see knowledge for only one man, in sectors very diverse and apparently also distant to each other. But like known as Master Jason " I exert in a science which is regarded as holistic. That means. all is in all. And to want, to devote to only one science is an error, for example a tarot logist could only be a taro logist because he is limit in capacity of clairvoyance. Indeed in a chart of tarot you have colors, which implies a knowledge of these, you have symbols, and without symbolism you cannot make pentacles, you have figures. That implies knowledge in numerology which can bring you to the cabal, which brings you to religion etc. " Thus this whole of apparently heteroclite knowledge is a normal advance for a researcher esoteric after many years of practice. By reading his Business card you learn that he’s practising, spiritism, hypnosis, curative magnetism, preachings, the high magic ritual, astrology, the tarology, the cauris, the analysis of the dreams, the astral unfolding. he is one of rare Europeans to be a Hougan (Vaudou priest). As his practises thanks to hypnosis, of the regressions in the past, as well in this life as in former lives. All those knowledge which seems to be disparate, has common bonds, the first bond is to evoluate in the paranormal and the second, using those tools and knowledge to help much people as possible. Master Jason furrowed the world, with an aim of perfecting his knowledge, because we know all, that no one have the infused knowledge. To him only one goal still to learn, learn again and again. His travels enabled him to meet other magi to exchange knowledge in the world of the magic. Today Master Jason installed his office in Dakar, where he lives surrounded by his children, and his friends.

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