Magic philtres and powders

Before being interested to these potions, you need to understand how it works. If a formula must be applied to these products, This one is needed:
<< At the beginning it was the verb In the first sentence of the Bible it can found any explanation of the world. And of course, these potions, as all things are a part of our world..
The term verb, means vibration, thanks to science, we know that all things deep within itself vibrates, even the hardest rock. Thanks to electron microscopes, we can see what happens in the material, whether mineral, plant or animal. The atom which is the foundation moves. The man is also a result of these atoms.
A human being has different degrees of vibration. First, the lowest frequency, which is his physical body, his voice is another vibration is the sound, then his thought, which vibrates at a higher level and finally the Aura which is a more subtle vibration as it made of energy. Note that the Aura itself is composed of more than a dozen layers more or less subtle.
These potions by their composition, have the ability to act on the Aura and change the vibration. By changing the vibration of a person, it changes the perception of that person. Good or bad, of course!
Consider an example to better understand the idea. It is already happening to enter a place and see for the first time a person, without having spoken to the person you are immediately sympathetic or unsympathetic. Well what happened, how to explain this perception that you have on this person, then you know it.
You better know that the Aura is not a fixed energy around the body, but rather something moving a bit like an extension of yourself. When you put your eyes on this person, your Aura is going to touch the aura of another, somewhat like an octopus tentacle.This person’s aura moves in tune with yours, or vibrates on a higher plane, then it will be nice if its vibration is different from yours,but if his is inferior than yours, it will be unsympathetic

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