Magic philtres and powders

The philter of Self-fulfilment

This potion is recommended for people who feel bad about themselves, or those who seek fulfillment in the field of spirituality. It acts on the pineal gland or epiphysis. This gland, which has the size of a grain of wheat, is involved in growth and genital development. After that,it is calcified and its role is exclusively spiritual. The hormone associated with it,the serotonin acts against stress, increase optimism, accentuates the feeling of energy and physical strength. By acting on your spiritualor universal body , and the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, this potion allows you to regain confidence in you and bring you a feeling of well being and a better fight against the life of strass modern. Note: If this nervous philter can’t replace the requirements of your doctor, because it acts on a purely vibration.

This potion is available in the shop of Master Jason

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