MEHIEL 64 th Angel

This Guardian Angel has lunar energies other than Mercury, his own Archangel (Mikael). The Mercurial virtues are introduced in individuals with this angel, with its lunar power and are translated into concrete actions, they become events and situations. Guided by this person Guardian express logic, because, obviously, she can explain everything through examples and images Mehiel suggest him (her inspiration) thoroughly. It can become a successful novelist, a known speaker. In all matters related to printing, books, and all the works where imagination comes, it will be the ideal intermediary, awaited by all.


LOVE : you love and loved summers (strongly) people growing less than yours. It will not take that love is grown (by one or the other) on the basis of interest. Anyway, very soon (next month), the light will shine in your hearts and sincerity impose its solution happy love.

MONEY : Money may come fall into your hands, during the current period, one of your creations, realized through your genius, thanks to your ability to achievements of invention. This will total financial success, he will not be a provisional temporary success, but a long-term trend, which changes your life.

HEALTH : Angel fights fatigue and nervous exhaustion. Discount psychic form : "Every day at a time" and do not want to kiss her too, too realize at once. Peace is to realize without undue haste.

WORK : working for the future more than the present. Do not want to be known, at all costs, at present, on the contrary : if you want to get a promotion, a raise, a senior, be very discreet. It will not be jealous from your own benefactors. The exposition produce the hostility of enemies (competitors) and even friends partners.

INITIATION ESOTERIC : the Angel gives inspiration to write books that can be purchased and even read by a wide fan of esoteric public. The invocation, the person will have useful information for this purpose.

Votre ange a une capacité d'action importante sur la santé, l'argent, la réussite et l'amour. Sachez que le fait de prononcer son nom vous permettra de créer un lien avec lui et à chacune de vos pensées, cet ange va essayer de vous aider. Mais son action est limitée en raison de la différence entre nos deux mondes qui devient une barrière. Il existe une prière adaptée à votre ange ainsi que son pentacle magique. Ces deux éléments vous permettront de renforcer le lien cosmique avec votre ange gardien.

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