OMAEL 30 th Angel

((Guardian Angel of those born between 18 and 22 August.))

He is the one who manages the Venusian energies of Jupiter-Hésédiel to grant fertility, abundance, life in our world Top. Guardian Angel carrying high appreciation of material wealth, and moral and spiritual virtues. Angel healer also is able to restore the proper functioning of all living beings. His protégés are always healthy, happy, delighted. Women with this Guardian Angel to be fruitful, give life not only in human but also in plant or animal fertility barren land, with the arrival of rains needed; fertility of animals that treatment. Men who have to Omaël Guard, will also participate in fertility that this Angel exemption, but with a lower intensity (for example, as physicians birth).


LOVE: to love what is or represents nature, especially herbs, pets, birds and, of course, people. His companion (or companion) will be a life be bright, witty. His children will be geniuses, inventors, researchers spiritualists whose ideals will improve society.

MONEY: The keyword for economic success, given by the angel, is fertility. The person will have many children. Fertility in his works. Every effort will be multiplied in contact with this person all crops will be abundant, or sales, or salary increases.

HEALTH: Omaël is an "Angel of health, and therefore the person can fully enjoy a good physical form (or legal). Mens sana in corpore sano. Very useful to have the Book "by Prediction Medical Astrology" by Laurence Gonzalez.

WORK by a prayer this Angel, you can become a great promoter of production systems worldwide, or, participate in health programs, implemented by international agencies. Organizer of the campaign against hunger, against the limitation of births; he grows any multiplier.

INTIATIVE ESOTERIC: it may take knowledge of how the human body and, by analogy, it will take the operation of forces of the universe. The individual will know the general; the unity of all in all in all.

your angel will help you to improve many field of your life as health ,love , work ,sucess and money. you have to know that calling the name of your angel will get you a direct link with him tru your thought , and he will provide you the needed help. but his action will be limited because of our different world who could be a fence. there are preaches who can connect you to your angel and his magical field. those will allow you to reinforce the cosmic link with your angel.

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