SEHEIAH 28 th Angel

((Guardian Angel of people born between 7 and 12 August.))

This Guardian Angel is the regent of certain energies of Mars and the traditional text tells us that protects fires, falls, ruin, disease, short! of all misfortunes associated with energy-March camael, which gives wisdom from experience. In turbulence, Séhéiah brings the grace of Hésédiel-Jupiter (choir master). The guard always save his protégé to be released free of catastrophic or delicate situations. An individual with Séhéiah as guards, in aircraft, a boat, in a car, train ... avoid any accident. It was the providential man who by his mere presence even avoid any disaster. It is useful to ask this Angel, defensively, it is an excellent insurance.


LOVE: harmony, brotherly friendship, sometimes patronizing, sometimes tongue. The two lovers will be able to sacrifice everything, to one another, to help themselves up: this is the true love. Sexuality balanced satisfactory.

MONEY: extraordinary opportunities, very important for good economic performance (not sustainable) will be offered to the person. A lot of easy money but not sustainable. Advantageous sale of pumps, in fire, the boats during floods, helmets and emergency rations in the earthquakes, the source water during water cuts ...

HEALTH: Angel protector of eyes, vision, physical and spiritual. By poor light (the evil eye), eye hardens, the eye becomes hard. Always see evil everywhere, weakening the eye. Food natural, normal, the eye is the light material and the inner light (mental and spiritual).

WORK: Success in the manufacture of water pumps, hoses and nozzles against fire, clothing and helmets, anti-fire, boots for walking in water, equipment of high mountains ... On the field, job, light, providential in major disasters. Success and fame, too, in the manufacture or marketing of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and subcontracting of such products.

INITIATION ESOTERIC: this Angel saving offers inspirations, providential: it is not in the aircraft or in the boat that sank, or in the car burning. Moreover, the person transmits (consciously or unconsciously) radiation curing of the angel, where it is, the joy of living returns.

your angel will help you to improve many field of your life as health ,love , work ,sucess and money. you have to know that calling the name of your angel will get you a direct link with him tru your thought , and he will provide you the needed help. but his action will be limited because of our different world who could be a fence. there are preaches who can connect you to your angel and his magical field. those will allow you to reinforce the cosmic link with your angel.

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