YERATEL 27 th Angel

((Guardian Angel of people born between August 2 and 6.))

This Angel-Domination, intensely expresses the gifts and powers of its Center. In him shine the creative powers of the Seraphim, the love-wisdom of Cherubim, the legal capacity of thrones and the power to organize new worlds. Whoever has the chance to have the Guardian, can be considered an "elected by the Gods", it is not by chance that the Guardian has, but because it was deserved. Yeratel gives optimism, joy, peace, and above all the virtues that lead to success (in love, money, prestige, spirituality, etc..). The claim is immediately resolve the possible problems personal, political, social ... this Angel is always protected with open arms to give them peace, healing, the realization of their hopes.


LOVE: both partners love and appreciate to fair value (which is very important). They agree perfectly. They should, however, avoid perfectionism, which slows the action. Love each other and move forward. The major periods for the realization of true love are: 28 to 35, and 56 to 63 years. (The same time as those offered by the Angel Véhuiah).

MONEY: is through its social group, that person will succeed economically, and through his work. It has a global destiny (well, it can not go beyond his desires, his own will). His signature will be recognized in any bank in the world (either as capital or as a bank employee, proxy, registrar’s signatures). In all cases, the person will have a significant economic freedom.

HEALTH: Ange Atasi against the powerful locomotive, and against the poor liver function. The claim in light of the crisis. In the concrete case of injury, the claim, but also have recourse to the doctor.

WORK: Success in all activities that are related to light (spiritual and material). Dams, power plants, electricity distribution, manufacturing of lamps, cables, bulbs, optical automotive, traffic lights, marine lights and air ... light of the soul: reading light, meditations.

INITIATION ESOTERIC: the person spreading the world, of human society, ideas high that nobody knows where they come from. Indeed, consciously or unconsciously, the person transmits the word of the Angel (the only link between us and the world heritage).

your angel will help you to improve many field of your life as health ,love , work ,sucess and money. you have to know that calling the name of your angel will get you a direct link with him tru your thought , and he will provide you the needed help. but his action will be limited because of our different world who could be a fence. there are preaches who can connect you to your angel and his magical field. those will allow you to reinforce the cosmic link with your angel.

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