NITHAEL 54 th Angel

((Guardian Angel of people born between December 17 to 21.))

The text indicates that the Traditional Guardian Angel can be used to get divine help to live a long and healthy. That divine help, the Guardian the first place within the person, and this will bring the proper functioning of the body and a long life. After this divine help, be poured around the person, which will be recognized by its powers and beneficent activity. This Angel granting power by the grace of God was that of King Solomon. Furthermore, we may ask Nithael, beauty, because it al’ange Venus, and the goodness and abundance of legitimate goods. The person, if the cause is noble, can request a power of seduction, and to inspire confidence. In addition, Nithael transmit directly to the son and daughters of his protégés, everything they have asked for themselves ; providential protection extends to the whole family.


LOVE : success in the field of love. If an obstacle appears, this should not frustrate you because it is through perseverance that you get the general happiness. One based on deep understanding. You will be encouraged by someone who has affection for you, and approving the principles that motivate your action.

MONEY : prudence and discretion. Success is not what it should be, and will be. A great harvest is being prepared. We must continue the struggle until final victory. Now is the basis of economic power to come, must be restored.

HEALTH : Angel endocrine gland regulates the thymus. Spiritually, the invocation to the Angel is very useful, and using medicine (priority in case of indisposition). Fitness anime : always be in the right place at the right time (timeliness) ; never refuse the appointment of Doom.

WORK : social increasing rapidly. We must remove the doubts and hesitations, as your path will be a victorious march. Your superior will find fertile ground in which to make your work will be welcomed with enthusiasm by an audience ready (prepared ?) You applaud.

INITIATION ESOTERIC : the Angel would like to enter the trail (the triumphant initiation, so that you explain, then, to your friends, generation, the wonders of the divine Opens. For the inner light in understanding the world, you will communicate with the Angel of Light, you will then hand in hand with him.

Votre ange a une capacité d'action importante sur la santé, l'argent, la réussite et l'amour. Sachez que le fait de prononcer son nom vous permettra de créer un lien avec lui et à chacune de vos pensées, cet ange va essayer de vous aider. Mais son action est limitée en raison de la différence entre nos deux mondes qui devient une barrière. Il existe une prière adaptée à votre ange ainsi que son pentacle magique. Ces deux éléments vous permettront de renforcer le lien cosmique avec votre ange gardien.

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