REHAEL 39 th Angel

((Guardian Angel of people born between 4 and 8 October.))

This Angel (with its legions) opened itself Path 23 through which rejected the abyss all, this is not in conformity with the Divine thought. Rehael (and its legions) is there to save what can be saved. For this reason, the traditional text, said that this angel healed the sick in body and soul, and transforms evil into good. The traditional text also speaks of the power to intensify Rehael paternal love and filial love, and it restores, therefore, a harmonious relationship between acts and consequences, so that his protégés understand that such effect is the son of logic such question. This understanding is sufficient to restore harmony and health, which allows for a very long and happy life to the person. Request this Guardian Angel is extremely useful.


LOVE : fully dense, abundant (excessive may be). When love several people at the same time, a difficult situation to manage risk to occur. The union with one person (of feelings and ideas close) will be happy. This Angel stimulates the compatibility of the action of a (partner) and reflection (the other).

SILVER : there is an increase, almost extraordinary economic resources of the person. There is danger of tipping trends and behavior, to frivolity. Generosity above all else. Do not lose your head, and not evade commitments (legal and moral) to close.

HEALTH : This angel protects spleen and lower lobes of the liver. (Where is the spleen removed, his etheric double, which exercises functions). To relieve various ailments, it is essential to restore internal order (as always) and travel (prepared or undertaken today) will be positive in this direction.

WORK : The person walking towards a very successful professional. Not only by human activity, but also by circumstance that the Angel will (as a consequence of work in previous lives). The person will have power and authority, very soon (it will be very conscious). Warning ! not to be devoured by his fans.

INITIATION ESOTERIC : the person will be illuminated by the High Eternal Light, take care when visiting the sick (to heal, if it is a doctor, nurse, magnétiseur (euse), or any other health profession ...) caring for babies, care for children and adolescents. Explain the work to all Divine.

Votre ange a une capacité d'action importante sur la santé, l'argent, la réussite et l'amour. Sachez que le fait de prononcer son nom vous permettra de créer un lien avec lui et à chacune de vos pensées, cet ange va essayer de vous aider. Mais son action est limitée en raison de la différence entre nos deux mondes qui devient une barrière. Il existe une prière adaptée à votre ange ainsi que son pentacle magique. Ces deux éléments vous permettront de renforcer le lien cosmique avec votre ange gardien.

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