REIYEL 29 th Angel

Guardian angel of those born between August 13th and 17th

This Angel is Hesediel-jupitar solar face (aspect) and the Traditional Text tells us that it prevails on religious feeling, and that he establishes a bridgehead in the conscience of his favourites, who can hear the voice from above. Therefore the person will be able to establish an indestructible link with the power of her Guardian angel. His conscience will point out at any time, what he must do to succeed, even if he cannot give reasons. This Angel will give him the higher knowledge, will show him the perfect order (possible) which exists in any thing. That is to say that he will be equiped to struggle against « the enemies of religion » as specifies the Traditional Text ; bearing a grudge say, counter those who compare to the true sense of Natural Law. toute chose. C’est-à-dire qu’elle sera armée pour lutter contre « les ennemis de la religion » comme précise le Texte Traditionnel ; en voulant dire, contre ceux qui opposent au véritable sens de la Loi Naturelle.


LOVE : As much men as women have big ambitions, concerning love ; and, indeed, this Angel satisfies their powerful will, their powerful desires. However, their life will come true, especially outside the family life, what can postpones or even prevents the arrival of a child. To have it, they need to concentrate themselves on the centrality of their home.

MONEY : The career of the person will advance continuously. A huge power of will in the service of legitimate ambition. His prestige and his natural authority will put him in the source of power (which, according to the sociologists is, at the same time, the source of money and of beauty).

HEALTH : Co-formative Angel, and protector of the spinal column. He takes care of some spinal cord. It’s said that it is useful to sleep on a rather hard mattresses ; on the back according to some, and on the left side according to others. It is possible to invoke this Angel when one is tired.

JOB : Editor appreciated by speech, by articles, by books. Architect, lawyer, advertising executive, treasurer, etc. One will make a bright career. He will always succeed in being a manager. He likes his job, his success, his social situation, his bank account.

ESOTERIC INTRODUCTION : His writings are persuasive, his three Angels will help him (in particular his Guardian angel) so that he could advance materially and spiritually, to make known the truth of the world. Besides, his Angel will establish a shield around him, to protect him against jealousy, slanders, wrong, allusions, the object of which he could make, on behalf of unavoidable detractors.

your angel will help you to improve many field of your life as health ,love , work ,sucess and money. you have to know that calling the name of your angel will get you a direct link with him tru your thought , and he will provide you the needed help. but his action will be limited because of our different world who could be a fence. there are preaches who can connect you to your angel and his magical field. those will allow you to reinforce the cosmic link with your angel.

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