HAAIAH 26 th Angel


The traditionnal text tells us that this angel makes the judges favorable to our cause and that he makes us earn trials we have to understand that in a philosophical sense. We have all a cause to prohibit an ambition to realise; and this Angel is the motor of our ambitions. The favourite of Haaiah will act in keeping with the divine and human Law; He will be a fair and a real man, able of create a social space where what is fair will be bloom . He will have the opportunity to demonstrate himself in the courthouses in the social and political domain, everywhere the justice and the truth will be necessary. The person will have a fair behavior according to the ethic and social rules, but it will not be enough; he has to pray to this angel in order to express this force, this donation of justice and of truth.


LOVE: For love to be real, longlasting, one of the component of the couple has to be conservative (it has always to make a step backward to jump better forward) . The other element should not be imitating the styles of an earlier period, but idealist-optimist, always thrown forward, towards a better future. That’s how happy love will be established.

MONEY: Gorgeous economical success in gorgeous roles in the society. Ambassador, Spokesperson of the President, special correspondent, delegated with UNESCO, european deputy. Remuneration, bonuses, , very substantial wages. Wealth in the accomplishment of services, in obedience to the very big figures.

HEALTH: This Angel is the biggest protector of all bony system; of the skeleton. He protects, in a very special manner, in cases of falls (many persons assert having been supported byk int this Angel, during a fall of a helicopter, of the last floor, of a tree, etc) Get back in shape by a high calcium diet (consult his doctor or his pharmacist)

JOB: success in factotum function, confidence man of big political economic and religious public figures. Businessman secretary,political meetings’organizer; conscientious and honest performer, efficient worker ( a gem). True spokesman of the upper authorities

ESOTERIC INITATION: Unchallenged leader of a friends’ group, initiated to the High Sciences of Knowledge. Far from Sects, the individual will apply the Law of the Sky, in his daily action, at the same time as the Laws of the Earth. Therefore he will always receive a surplus of Light.

your angel will help you to improve many field of your life as health ,love , work ,sucess and money. you have to know that calling the name of your angel will get you a direct link with him tru your thought , and he will provide you the needed help. but his action will be limited because of our different world who could be a fence. there are preaches who can connect you to your angel and his magical field. those will allow you to reinforce the cosmic link with your angel.

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