ASALIAH 47 th Angel

Guardian Angel of those born between 13 and 17 November..

Mercurian Angel of the Sun, who the traditional text calls the Angel of truth and justice, which is a total accuracy. (The truth is the solar’s energy and the justice is Mercury’s).Concretely the person can easily succeed in intellectual works because Asaliah will light his intellect and his thinkings. The Solar and Mercury energies get rid of bad thoughts from the mind of the person and he will be able to find solutions to all his problems and to the realization of his projects thanks to his strong brain and clear ideas. Pry to this angel is extraordinary advantageous. This last sentence is for all the others angels but I cannot keep repeating it .All is possible with our angel because he loves us too much.


LOVE : Your love life will be steady, satisfactory. You will refuse an opportunity of a shining love may be because it is shameful for you. But it will take end soon. The person will love and be loved again intensely.

MONEY : It’s the best time for the renewal of income’s sources. You need to reorganise your economic situation. Your Angel advice you to link with new ideas, new partners to do new realisations

HEALTH : The Angel protects the abdomen and its others membranes. You may find back your vitality with psychic means. This person has to concentrate his efforts if he wants to reach his aims, his goals. He has to solve also the problems of conviviality by being understanding with his relatives without being disturbed.

WORK : The social and the professional life of the person will be peaceful, according to superior’s impulse (physicals and spirituals).If you show your abilities to organize ? You will lead some people around you.

ESOTERIC INITIATION Your life is changing. But if you want this change to be a success you must go away from your home, to move searching for lightness. Communicate with your angel before sleeping at night.

Votre ange a une capacité d'action importante sur la santé, l'argent, la réussite et l'amour. Sachez que le fait de prononcer son nom vous permettra de créer un lien avec lui et à chacune de vos pensées, cet ange va essayer de vous aider. Mais son action est limitée en raison de la différence entre nos deux mondes qui devient une barrière. Il existe une prière adaptée à votre ange ainsi que son pentacle magique. Ces deux éléments vous permettront de renforcer le lien cosmique avec votre ange gardien.

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